Saturday, September 03, 2005

The charm of Crawford

Crawford has a rather fabled swimming hole, down the road a bit at Tonkawa Falls Park. We decided a stroll down to the falls was a good idea, so we headed down a little road through woods and small houses with patchy lawns, and people on riding mowers.

The swimming hole did not disappoint. Set at the foot of a small falls, and cut out of rock topped with trees, next to a wide green lawn, it is deep, cool, moving water in a calming and lovely place. We encountered a soon to be friend there, as well. “Packer-Backer Bob”, also from Chicago, was enjoying a swim when we got there, and became a regular appendage through the rest of the weekend. Saif dove in, Tina and I begged off. Freshly showered, we wanted to relish being clean for a while. We resolved to go for a swim on Saturday.

After about 45 minutes at the swimming hole, we sauntered back towards town in silly moods. The walk takes you past the Crawford football stadium, and a high school game was taking place. Saif decided he needed pictures, and much to the dismay of the boosters taking tickets out front, we lingered and enjoyed the scene for a few minutes. The next day, the stadium would be filled with 1500 Bush supporters from around the country, angry and chanting, and nearly beating up two of there own because they didn’t understand their sign and thought they were Cindy supporters.

We walked back and got in my car, drove back to Camp I. There was a party atmosphere at camp, with people fashioning crazy hats out of foil and milling about and laughing. After a vegan dinner of rice and vegetables (thank you, Keith and Lee), I got anxious to get back to Camp II, see what the festivities were for the night. Shuttles weren’t around, and I decided to walk. Saif looked at me like I was crazy, but came along anyway.


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