Saturday, September 03, 2005

Camp Casey I: Where it all started

Camp I is set up along an intersection, and a big grass triangle is in the middle of the intersecting roads. Sort of like a traffic roundabout. Approaching from Crawford, along the backside sit the tents for food, first aid, Louisiana Activist Network, and some of the Vets for Peace. On the left side is the Arlington South memorial, winding far down the road, and including two Vets for Peace dome tents. The road leading off to the left is where most of us are camped. Along the right side of the road, Bush supporters have made their camp, which is all red, white, and blue, and lights up at night with generators. There are one or two tents, but mostly people go home at night. By the end of the weekend they seemed to figure out that pallets of water were a good idea, but other than that they didn’t seem to be provisioned in any way. The center triangle is no man’s land. The sheriffs park and stand there, and none of us venture onto it. It is the DMZ at Camp Casey I.

We walked the Arlington South memorial. We snapped a few pictures. We caught a shuttle in to town so that I could pick up my car. We were exhausted and sweaty, and really wanted to get clean and get dinner.


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