Saturday, September 03, 2005

Food Not Bombs

We made our way down the road, sweaty and rather miserable, but still awed at being there. Keith and Lee of Food Not Bombs provided our first look at the generosity of the camp. They offered water and dinner and fruit as soon as they saw us, and talked to us about where they were from, and what they do. Throughout our stay, they were part of home. Lee made the best coffee in the morning in her little tent in the ditch- better than the kitchens at Casey II or the Peace House. All meals were vegan and delicious. There was always a big bowl of apples on the table.

Tina is considering starting a Food Not Bombs group here in the Conejo Valley. I think the closest chapter is in Venice- or maybe the SF Valley. Anyway, Keith gave us all of his contact info so that she can kick it off when she’s ready.


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