Saturday, September 03, 2005

Here it is

For those who are curious, my journal of our Crawford journey. We were only in Crawford from Friday at about noon hrough Monday at about 2:00, but felt almost immediately like it was home.

It was so hard to leave the people we met. So difficult to imagine what the veterans have all faced, what they continue to face as they fight on for their country.

It was so amazing to be welcomed by people who'd put their bodies on the line and their lives on hold for weeks, who lived in a ditch and cared for each other and made space for us.

My only regrets? That I wasn't there longer. That I didn't help more. That I couldn't stay to break camp. That I cannot remember everyone's names. That I probably did not convey the deep admiration I have for every person who has contributed to camp order and success. That I didn't say thanks to the police.

Camp Casey II and everyone who stayed there deserves to be remembered. It is believed fervently among the campers that Camp Casey marked the beginning of the end to this horrid war, this horrid incopetance and injustice.

Heard from some of the VFP yesterday that they are on the ground in Covington, LA, cooking and supplying the community. They are apparently the only relief group in town so far. The Veterans for Peace fight on.


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